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Accidence Insurance
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What is accident insurance?

Accident expense insurance — or simply accident insurance — is a type of supplemental policy that pays out a lump sum cash benefit if you are injured due to a covered accident. Accident insurance is commonly used to fill gaps in other types of coverage, such as health and disability insurance.

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Personal accident insurance

Personal accident insurance — also known as personal injury insurance — is an individual supplemental insurance policy. It’s designed to provide a financial benefit to help cover the costs of being injured in an accident. The policy pays out a benefit if you are injured in a manner listed in the policy.

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Group accident insurance

The main difference between personal and group accident insurance is that group policies are available to members of a group, such as employees of a company. This typically makes it cheaper to own because the insurance company is spreading its risk over several policyholders.

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Supplemental accident insurance

Supplemental accident insurance, also called accident insurance or personal accident insurance, helps you handle out-of-pocket costs you may pay after an accidental injury. Supplemental accident insurance pays cash benefits for injuries that result when you or a family member experience an accident. You pay a monthly premium in exchange for coverage.

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Occupational accident insurance

Occupational accident insurance (OAI) provides coverage for work-related injuries and death to employees and independent contractors not covered by workers’ compensation. OAI coverage is a type of accident insurance that is similar to workers' compensation, but not as comprehensive.

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Travel accident insurance

Business Travel Accident (BTA) Insurance, also known as travel accident insurance, provides insurance coverage for a company’s employees while they are traveling on business. This type of accident insurance pays a benefit to an employee or their beneficiaries if the employee is seriously injured or killed while traveling for the company.

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Is accident insurance worth it?

Accident insurance is like many types of optional policies: You don’t want to buy it, you hope you never use it, BUT you’ll be glad you have it if the need does arise. Any type of serious accident will likely leave you with an out-of-pocket expense not covered by your existing insurance. And accident insurance can be a fairly inexpensive way to mitigate this risk.

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