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Have you been diagnosed with cancer in the last 2 years?
Are you looking to replace an existing critical illness
insurance policy?

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It’s the easiest way to apply for critical illness insurance online.
  • Smart, affordable coverage
    Get a personalized critical illness insurance policy that pays up to $75k if you're diagnosed with cancer, heart attack, stroke, or another cover illness.
  • Simple, online process
    Check your rate in seconds, apply online in minutes, and get an instant decision — even same-day coverage, if eligible.
  • Friendly product experts
    Our digital-first team of licensed customer advocates is here to help, but only if you want us to. Get coverage at your speed, on your terms.
  • Backed by the best
    Breeze offers critical illness insurance policies from Assurity Life — a highly-rated carrier with a history of financial strength.

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Totally worth the money. This is a great company with real people and excellent customer service!

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