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Breeze is the first online multi-carrier disability insurance platform. Learn more about our people and our purpose here.

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At Breeze, our resource hub covers what you need to know about protecting yourself with accident insurance. Learn more here.

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With industry-leading referral fees, Breeze is the ideal online disability insurance partner for the future. Become a Breeze affiliate today.

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Welcome to the Breeze Blog, where we help readers stay current on trends and insights in personal finance, insurance, and work-life. Read more here!

Cancer Insurance Resource Hub

Breeze's educational resource hub has everything you need to know about protecting yourself against cancer insurance. Learn more here.

2024 Aflac Critical Illness Insurance Review

Aflac offers critical illness insurance that is guaranteed issue up to $20,000 in coverage. Read our complete Aflac critical illness insurance review.

Assurity Critical Illness Insurance: 2024 Review

Assurity critical illness insurance pays a one-time lump-sum benefit up to $75,000 if you experience a covered condition. Read our complete 2021 review.

Group Critical Illness Insurance: What Is It? Is It Worth It?

If your employer offers group critical illness insurance, you may want to consider enrolling. Learn more about group critical illness insurance here.

How Does Critical Illness Insurance Work in 2024?

Critical illness insurance pays a lump sum benefit if you are diagnosed with a covered illness. Learn more about how critical illness insurance works here.

Individual Critical Illness Insurance: What to Know in 2024

Purchasing an individual critical illness insurance policy can help plug the gaps in your health insurance if you become seriously ill. Learn more here.

Is Critical Illness Insurance Worth It? Here’s How to Tell

Critical illness insurance can cover out-of-pocket expenses your health insurance can’t. Learn more about why critical illness insurance is worth it here.

What is Critical Illness Insurance? 2024 Guide

Critical illness insurance helps cover out-of-pocket costs associated with cancer, heart attack, and stroke. Learn more about critical illness insurance.

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Get short term and long term disability insurance quotes online in seconds. Then apply for affordable coverage and buy online, if approved.

Employer-Sponsored Disability Insurance

Set up a portable group short-term disability insurance program that covers the things your employees care about - accidents, sicknesses, childbirth and family medical leave.

FAQs About Breeze Insurance — Answered

Whether you’re shopping for disability insurance or critical illness insurance, you’re bound to have questions. Find answers to FAQs about Breeze here.

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View the complete list of insurance licenses we hold by state, including each line of authority and license number.

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Breeze's educational resource hub has everything you need to know about protecting your family with life insurance. Learn more here.

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