Employer-Sponsored Disability Insurance With Family Leave

Enhance Employee Benefits with Group Disability Insurance

Invest in the future of your business and employees

Adding group short-term disability coverage to your benefits package helps your team financially prepare for the unexpected. Let Breeze simplify the process of choosing the right group short-term disability insurance plan for your business.

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Employer-Sponsored Disability Insurance With Family Leave

Enhance Employee Benefits with Group Disability Insurance

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Employer-Sponsored Disability Insurance

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Affordable, fast, and efficient! No nonsense!
My experience with Breeze has been just that — a breeze! I’m so satisfied with the affordable premiums and simplified online enrollment process.Katlain P.
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I cannot recommend Breeze highly enough!
Insurance doesn’t have to be complicated and impersonal. Getting disability insurance was a quick and simple process and a great price.Adam J.
A great addition to our agency.
Breeze has been a great disability insurance addition to our agency and another fantastic sales tool for our toolbox. We love the easy to use digital process.Todd Hall
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Affordable and easy to implement.
In today’s hiring environment, strong employee benefits are important for recruitment and retention. Breeze’s employer-sponsored insurance is affordable and easy to implement.Derek Homann
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All of this is great but...

Why group short-term disability insurance?

  • 25%
    of people experience a disability in their working years that prevents them from earning an income.
    Source: Social Security Administration
  • 66%
    of U.S. bankruptcies are tied to
    medical issues.
    Source: American Journal of Public Health
  • 70%
    of working Americans couldn't make it a month without a paycheck before facing financial hardship.
    Source: Life Happens

To compete for top talent, employers must stay on the cutting edge of employee benefits. One overlooked offering is group short-term disability, which makes it easy for your employees to protect their greatest asset – their income.

The numbers say they need it, too.
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