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Set up a portable group short-term disability insurance program that pays up to $1,500 per week in benefits to your employees for up to 26 weeks in the event they become too sick or hurt to work.
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Why employer-sponsored disability insurance?

The U.S. has a major income protection gap. As a result, individuals and families are uniquely unprepared for an injury or illness that prevents them from working.
icon 25 percent
of people experience a disability in their working years that prevents them from earning an income.¹
icon 66 percent
of U.S. bankruptcies are directly tied to medical issues.²
icon 66 percent
of working Americans couldn’t make it a month without a paycheck before facing financial hardship.³
Fortunately, we're ready to help you close the income protection gap in your workforce with top-rated group disability insurance coverage that is comprehensive, portable, and easy to enroll.

Plans can be employer or employee-paid and only require a company census — no underwriting or medical exams.

Seriously, it's a breeze.
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Group Disability Insurance

How It Works


Create your program

Meet with our team to establish your group plan
We’ll provide a tailored quote based off the employee census of your company

Employees can submit a claim

If they experience a disability that prevents them from working
With Breeze, claims are quick and easy — file online in minutes!

We’ll pay your employees

Up to $2,000 per week for up to 26 weeks
That way, they can still pay the bills and take care of their families
Our customers love us

Brokers, agents
and policyholders
love us. We think
you will too.

A great addition to our agency.

Breeze has been a great disability insurance addition to our agency and another fantastic sales tool for our toolbox. We love the easy to use digital process.

Todd Hall
Broker since 2021
For Employers of All Sizes & Industries
Show You Care With Employer-Sponsored Disability Insurance
Offering group disability insurance as an employee benefit doesn't just protect your people — it also protects the livelihood of your business. Because what would you do without them?
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